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All eye pads are my favourite to use on different clients.
They are all lint free.
One pair per pack.

Mini under eye pads.
Perfect for clients with smaller eyes.

Pink & Blue packet eye pads (Banana shape)
Flexible and easy to apply – once placed on skin it is more skin tone colour.
White packet eye pads (Banana shape)
Flexible and easy to apply on all eye shapes.

Gel eye patches (Banana shape)
Hydrogel eye pads (Banana shape)
Similar to pink and white packet but more of a gel feel.

Purple packet
Flexible gel pad in a standard shape.

Thin 2 Pair MINI
Soft non-woven fabric.
Super soft, lint free and matte (No shine).
Super white.
Easy to adjust on clients eyes.

Green packet (Boat shape)
Smaller than the banana shape, suits most eye shapes.
Also easy and flexible to use.

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Pink Colour Eyepads, White, Pink Packet, Mini, Gel Patches, Hydrogel, Purple, Thin 2 pair mini, Green, Blue Colour Eyepads, Black


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